It’s time to put in your Quota Hunt applications for the next hunting season!

New to Quota Hunts? A Quota Hunt is a managed hunt that allows a set number of hunters to participate. A quota is placed on a hunt to protect natural resources (wildlife and their habitats), provide a high-quality hunting experience and maintain a high level of safety. Learn more about Quota Hunts at A Quest to Quota.

The step-by-step guide below is sure to help you get your application in before the deadline. But, before we dive into the guide, let’s cover some terms you might see:

Group MembersFor many hunts, you may add group members. Group applications are treated like individual applications, but all persons in the group are selected or not selected for a hunt. The maximum number of priority points that can be wagered for the group is determined by the group member with the lowest points available. For some hunts, persons selected may bring up to a certain number of hunters with them on the hunt. More about applying for a Group Hunt Here.

Example: You and a friend apply for a Quota Hunt together. You have 4 points and they 1. You’ll be drawn based off of your friends points. Either both of you will be drawn for the hunt or neither or you.

Points only: You may submit a points-only application for the species you want to hunt, which gives you a priority point in that category that year, with no chance of being selected to go on a hunt that year.

How to Put in for an Individual Quota Hunt:

1. To apply, go to and click “Go to Site” below Quota Hunts.



2. Log into or create a Georgia DNR customer account.



3. Once you’re logged in, click “Apply for Quota Hunt.”



4. A list of Quota Hunt categories will appear. You’ll also be able to see the application deadline and a short description of the hunt. Select “Add to Cart” for the species you want to apply for. (Note: Quota Hunts are free to apply for and you will not be charged!)



5. Select “Apply Now!” under “Apply as an Individual.”



6. Now you’ll see a list of Quota Hunts available for the species category selected. You can apply for up to 3 hunts. Click “Add Selected Hunt Choices” to select them.



7. Then, you’ll have the option to prioritize your selected hunts. Rank the hunt you really want at 1. Be sure to only apply for hunt dates you can participate in. Quota Hunts are non-transferable.



8. Once you’ve ranked your selections, click “Continue Application.”



9. If you are applying as an individual, skip “Add Members To Hunt Party” and hit “Continue Application.”



10. You’ll be asked how many points you want to wager. Enter the number of points, click “Continue Application.”



11. Finally, you’ll see a summary of your Quota Hunt application. Select “Submit” to finish your application. You can also select “Add to Cart & Continue Shopping” and repeat the previous steps if you wish to apply for other Quota Hunt categories.


13. After you’ve submitted the application, you’ll see a “Checkout Complete” receipt. You’ll also receive an email with your Application Confirmation. It may take 24 hours to receive, so don’t worry if it doesn’t come through right away.


Final Tips: Make sure your email is current and correct to receive quota updates, confirmations or any notices about quota hunts. If you are still unsure how to apply or want to check to see if you applied correctly, don’t wait, call 1.800.366.2661 to receive assistance.

Further Reading: Quota Hunts: How to Apply as a Group and Quota Hunts: How to Join A Party.