Thinking about applying for a Quota Hunt this year? Not sure where to start? Let’s cover the basics.

What is a Quota Hunt?

Quota Hunts are defined by the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division as “a managed hunt that allows a set number of hunters to participate. A quota is placed on a hunt to protect natural resources (wildlife and their habitats), provide a high-quality hunting experience and maintain a high level of safety.”

Child with quail

Levi Burnam with his first quail taken during Silver Lake WMA’s Youth Quail Quota Hunt.

This means the day of the hunt, there will only be a limited number of people that have access to hunt a particular wildlife management area (WMA) and less people to “compete” with for the game species you are targeting.

Quota Hunts are offered on a variety of WMAs for many game species, including deer, waterfowl, alligator, quail, dove, rabbit and turkey. Additionally, there are quota opportunities for adults with children to hunt deer, dove, turkey, quail and waterfowl. Be sure to only apply for dates you’ll be able to attend — quota permits are non-transferable and may not be given to another person who was not drawn.


How Do You Pick a Quota Hunt Location?

Here is where it might be worth the time to invest a little research. Ask your friends, ask Facebook, ask anyone you might know in the “wildlife-related” world for their input on the best place to apply. You’ll probably get a lot of different answers. You can also use the Quota Hunt Selection Odds section on to see where others like to put in for and how many points on average it takes to get drawn for an area. Don’t sweat too much though, you’ll get to pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice.

Waterfowl hunters at Altamaha WMA

Successful hunters on opening day at Altamaha WMA – Butler Island’s Waterfowl Quota Hunt.

How Do I Apply For a Quota Hunt?

Hunter with 14 point buck

14 point buck taken during Coosawattee WMA Quota Hunt.

Applying for a quota hunt is easy. Start by visiting and select “Quota Hunts.” Then, follow the steps to complete your application. The How to Apply for Quota Hunts blog is also a great step-by-step tutorial for how to apply. One of the most important things to remember is to make sure your email is current and correct in order to receive updates, confirmations or any notices about quota hunts.

The application date to start applying for Quota Hunts opened June 1 – so you can apply now for most species categories! Dog-bear applications will open August 1, and rabbit, quail, youth small game, and dog-deer Quota Hunt applications will open on Sept. 1

Oh, and don’t forget about application deadlines! They vary depending on hunt type. The first deadlines are July 15 for alligator, August 15 for dove, and September 1 for deer hunts. Applications will close at 11:59 p.m. (EST) on the dates listed.


2019-2020 hunting season Quota Hunt application deadlines and restrictions. (above)


What is a Priority Point and How Does It Work?

You can earn points for each hunt category in one of two ways.

  • You may submit a points-only application for the category, which gives you a priority point in that category that year, with no chance of being selected to go on a hunt that year.
  • You may also apply directly for a hunt location/date within the category, which gives you a chance of being chosen to go on that hunt that year. Hunters are awarded one priority point if not selected for a Quota Hunt.


Some other “points” about Priority Points:

  • Priority points wagered must be in the same category (deer, alligator, etc.) as the
    Hunters with alligator

    David Howard and friends with his 11 foot, 1 inch alligator from Zone 7.

    hunt for which you are applying.

  • One priority point per category per year is the maximum you can earn.
  • You may accumulate points across years.
  • If you are selected for a hunt you apply for (not a points-only application), you do not earn priority points for that category.
  • Popular hunts and those offering less spots may require years’ worth of priority points to increase selection chances (ex: alligator hunts).
  • Each person listed on a group application not selected is awarded a priority point.
  • Any points you wager are subtracted from your points balance for that category.
  • Only points needed are deducted. If you wager more points than needed for selection, ONLY the points that guaranteed selection are subtracted. The rest will be credited back to you.


What is a Group Quota Hunt Application?

In the spirit of camaraderie, for many Quota Hunts you can add group members. Group applications are treated like individual applications. Either all hunters on the group application are selected or not selected for a hunt. The maximum number of priority points that can be wagered for the group is determined by the group member with the lowest points available. For example, if you wager 3 points and your buddy wagers 2, your buddy’s point wager will determine the selection. Either both of you will be drawn for the hunt or neither of you.

For some hunts, persons selected may bring up to a certain number of hunters with them on the hunt. This can be confusing especially new hunters. The video below explains the difference between “applying for an alligator hunt as a party” vs. “going alligator hunting as a party. ”

Best of luck this hunting season! For more information about Quota Hunts or hunting in Georgia, please call 706-557-3350.