Okay, so I am thinking about applying for a quota hunt this year. I am a relatively new hunter, but in conversations with my more experienced hunting friends, I am told that a quota hunt might just help me land that deer I really want.

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Sheffield WMA Trail Cam Image

What is a Quota Hunt?

Quota hunts are defined by the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division as “a scheduled event at a Wildlife Management Area or other state-managed property where a limited number of hunters are allowed.  Quota levels are based upon the sound principles of wildlife management and public desires for a quality hunt.”

So, the day of the hunt, you have a limited number of people that have access to that particular wildlife management area. Less people to “compete” with for the game species you are targeting. Not to mention that wildlife management areas are, well, areas “managed” for wildlife.

While I am interested in deer, there are quota hunts on a variety of WMAs for many different game animals, including deer, waterfowl, alligator, quail, dove, rabbit and turkey. Additionally, there are quota opportunities for adults with children to pursue deer, dove, turkey, quail and waterfowl.

How Do You Pick a Quota Hunt Location?

Here is where it might be worth the time to invest a little research. Ask your friends, ask Facebook, ask anyone you might know in the “wildlife-related” world for their input on the best place to apply. You will probably get a lot of different answers. Wade through the information and decide on a location.

How Do I Apply For a Quota Hunt?

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Paulding Forest WMA Trail Cam Image

Applying for a Quota Hunt is pretty simple. Click HERE and select “Quota Hunts.” Then, follow the steps to complete your application.  One of the most important things to remember is to make sure your email is current and correct in order to receive updates, confirmations or any notices about quota hunts.

The application date to start applying for quota hunts opened June 1 – so you can apply now!

Oh, and don’t forget the application deadlines! They vary depending on hunt type. The first deadlines are July 31 for Alligator, August 15 for Dove, and September 1 for all types of Deer Hunts. Complete quota application deadline list HERE.

What is a Priority Point and How Does It Work?

Hunters are awarded one priority point if not selected for a Quota Hunt. Each person listed on a group application not selected is awarded a priority point. Those priority points, which accumulate, may then be “wagered” on a future quota hunt application to increase the likelihood of selection.

So, since I have never applied for a quota hunt, I don’t have any priority points to wager. However, I have to start somewhere!

Some other “points” about Priority Points:

  • CATEGORY: Priority points wagered must be in the same category (deer, alligator, etc.) as the hunt for which you are applying.
  • MORE POINTS: Popular hunts and those offering less spots may require many years’ worth of priority points to increase selection chances (ex: alligator hunts).Click HERE to see how many priority points were wagered by applicants of past years’ hunts.
  • SELECTED? POINTS DEDUCTED: Any points you wager are subtracted from your points balance for that category.
  • NEW! ONLY POINTS NEEDED DEDUCTED: If you wager more points than needed for selection, ONLY the points that guaranteed selection are subtracted. The rest will be credited back to you.

Wish me luck this hunting season!