Turkey harvested at Paulding Forest WMA.

Turkey harvested at Paulding Forest WMA.

Go Hunt Georgia before turkey season ends May 15. Make the most of the remainder of the season, and plan your next wildlife management area hunt using these reports from Game Management staff at the Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

Northwest Georgia is having an excellent season and the outlook for the remainder of the season looks strong. John’s Mountain, Crockford-Pigeon Mountain, Paulding Forest and Berry College WMAs are leading the way in terms of harvest-to-hunter ratio, and it appears there are plenty of birds left according to hunters and DNR staff. However, reports from the field indicate turkeys in these areas have been difficult to hunt as they are “henned up.”

The eastern part of the state has experienced lower harvest numbers than previous years. Still, Redlands, Di-Lane Plantation and Tuckahoe WMAs have posted decent harvest numbers so far. Redlands has had 30 turkeys harvested, and Di-Lane Plantation and Tuckahoe have each had more than 20 turkeys harvested.

In southwest Georgia, Hannahatchee and Flint River WMAs are reporting above-average seasons, while Elmodel and Mayhaw WMAs are experiencing normal seasons. Silver Lake, Chickasawhatchee and River Creek quota hunts have been slower than usual, and gobbling activity has been low. However, there are plenty of turkeys at those WMAs as evidenced by tracks, scat and turkey sightings on the roads. Though the season at Chickasawhatchee and Silver Lake has been slow so far, staff expects hunter success to increase, and has high hopes for the remainder of the season at those WMAs.

On the coast, Little Satilla WMA had a great start to the season, with 18 turkeys being signed out as of last week. The harvest has slowed recently, but there are still turkeys being signed out each week.

We hope you’ve been able to bag some gobblers of your own this season, and if you haven’t, you still have a few more weeks. Visit a WMA near you before turkey season ends!

Top WMA Turkey Harvest Numbers:

Paulding Forest: 34 turkeys

Redlands: 30

John’s Mountain: 29 turkeys

Berry College: 27

Tuckahoe: 23

Di-Lane: 21

Crockford-Pigeon Mountain: 19

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