Hunt and Learn events give young hunters (ages 10-17) and their supervisors hands-on experience learning important skills and conservation knowledge. These classes are geared toward all experience levels and are set up in three tiers: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Every Hunt and Learn event accommodates all three experience levels. Classes include the basics of squirrel, deer, rabbit, quail, falconry or turkey hunting. Participants learn the biology and history of the animal and how to dress and care for harvested game.

rabbit hunt and learn

        The beginner classes are for participants with little to no hunting or outdoors experience. Hunter education classes are offered to anyone who needs them. In these programs, only the youth may hunt, and they must have an adult with them.

       For intermediate-level hunts, the youth and the adult may hunt at the same time if the guides and Hunt and Learn coordinator are confident with the shooting proficiency of the students. Hunters must complete the first course to advance to the second, and the second course to advance to the third, only being eligible to participate in the next level course after they have completed the lower level class.

      The advanced-level hunts have same basic learning material, but the youth and adult can hunt without a guide so long as they stay together during the hunt.

       dressing game hunt and learn

Hunt to learn events are great places for young children to spark a passion for the outdoors while learning useful information about game and conservation. Hunt and Learns take place on weekends. Fridays consist of introduction and learning; Saturday and Sunday are for hunting and dressing game. Various Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) host Hunt and Learns, and registration opened on August 1 2017 (9am). For times and locations, go to

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