Have you been wanting a hunting or fishing license and just haven’t pulled the trigger? Here’s the top 5 reasons why you should get yours today.


1. 100% of your purchase is going to fund wildlife conservation in Georgia.

Give yourself a pat on the back because you’re a conservationist! It’s a myth that your money doesn’t come back to Georgia DNR. In fact, 100% of your purchase and more does.

Children releasing sturgeon

School children releasing lake sturgeon as part of a reintroduction education program.


2. Your license purchase is an investment bringing $50 back to Georgia wildlife in federal dollars.

Every time you buy ammo, firearms, arrows, fishing equipment, or boat fuel you pay an excise tax. Those tax dollars get returned to Georgia based, in part, on how many licenses we sell. Every time you buy a license, you’re counted in Georgia’s conservation efforts.


Shotgun with shells.


3. You’ll join a group of people that have funded conservation for the past 100 years.

Every time you buy your license, you protect our memories on the water or in the woods for generations to come. Thanks to you, we’re able to improve habitat, increase public access by opening more gates and building boat ramps, and create more youth education and outreach opportunities.

Hunting_Turkey_DadDaughter_Maggie_PC BrianVickery

Father and daughter after a successful turkey hunt.


4. It’s a great value.

A $15 annual hunting or fishing license allows you to hunt or fish for 4 cents a day—24/7/365. A sportsman’s license gives you access to hunt big game, migratory birds, fishing and trout is $65 or roughly 17 cents a day. It’s still cheaper than a date including dinner and a movie for two.

OcmulgeePFA_Boat_Angler_DNR_BertDeener1 (1)

Angler at Ocmulgee Public Fishing Area.


5. It lets you do more than just hunt or fish.

You don’t have to be a hunter or angler to benefit from a license. Every hunting or fishing license also gives you free access to all of Georgia’s Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) and shooting ranges. Georgia’s WMAs aren’t just for hunting either—they offer excellent wildlife watching or outdoor recreational opportunities!


Griffin Ridge WMA_nature trail sign 2_Mishay Allen_DNR

Griffin Ridge WMA nature trail.

So what are you waiting for? Get your license today!