By: Dallas Ingram, Georgia DNR wildlife biologist

Wildlife biologists with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division recently completed breeding bird counts on several wildlife management areas (WMAs) and private properties that are part of Georgia’s Bobwhite Quail Initiative (BQI) focal landscapes. Biologists listen for male bobwhites and other species that use the same habitat as quail. These birds include Bachman’s sparrow, painted and indigo buntings, loggerhead shrike, prairie warbler and field sparrows.

Male birds call during the spring and summer in order to attract mates and announce their territories. Calling males are counted from designated locations and these numbers are used to generate a population index which allows biologists to track long term population trends.

In the video below, from the Albany Nursery WMA, you can hear two field sparrows and a male bobwhite quail. These birds were located along a fallow field border (comprised of native grasses/weeds/briars/shrubs) intentionally established along the edge of a crop field that’s managed for mourning doves. Management for bobwhites and many other game and nongame species can be successfully integrated into working farms and forests through planned management. Landowners can receive technical guidance and detailed management plans through BQI which is solely funded through the Bobwhite Quail license plate. For more information on Georgia’s quail focal areas, monitoring or how to manage for quail and other species on your property, go to or contact a WRD BQI biologist within BQI’s East Region (706-554-3745), Central Region (478-296-6176), or Southwest Region (229-420-1212).