Every hunter deserves to have a fun, safe, and successful hunt. Hunter education ensures licensed hunters are well versed in gun and hunting safety practices before hitting the field.

Do you need it? Here’s some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Who Needs Hunter Education?

All resident and non-resident hunters born on or after January 1, 1961 are required to take a hunter education course before purchasing a hunting license. This includes military personnel and veterans, those with disabilities, and all persons age 12 years and older.

What if I’m purchasing an Apprentice License?

Hunter education is not required to purchase an Apprentice License or a short-term license.

Do I need Hunter Education to hunt on private property?

If you are hunting on your own property or that of a parent or legal guardian you do not need hunter education.

Does my child need hunter education?

Hunters under age 16 are not required to have hunter education. However, children under age 16 must be must be under direct supervision of a licensed adult hunter (18 years or older.) Direct supervision means “within sight or hearing of the licensed adult.” Hunters 12 to 15 years old may hunt unsupervised after successfully completing a hunter education course. Special restrictions may apply on Wildlife Management Areas or National Wildlife Refuges.

Do I have to carry my hunter safety card?

Hunters age 16 to 25 are required to have a hunter education card when purchasing a season hunting license and must be in possession of the card while hunting. If you use the Go Outdoors Georgia app your hunter ed certification number will be listed with your licenses, so you don’t need to carry a paper copy. The app is available for both Apple and Android users.

If I had hunter education in another state, does that qualify?

Hunter education that is certified or mandated by any state wildlife agency or Canadian province is accepted.

Where can I take Hunter Education?

You can take classes either online or in-person. If you’re interested in taking an online class, go to GoOutdoorsGeorgia.com and create an account or log into your already existing account. You can then choose to take and complete any of the four approved online hunter education courses. The online courses do require a fee. The fee may vary depending on which online course you choose. After you pass the course, log into your account and print your Hunter Education Certificate. Hunters may also take a classroom course for free. This option provides an in-person instructor. Hunters can find and sign up for this option at GoOutdoorsGeorgia.com.


Photo credit: Hunter-ed.com


The following online courses are approved:

1. HunterEd.com

This is a 3-step Certification course. You can study for the test for free then take the exam. Once you pass the test, there is a $28.95 fee. This option is compatible on desktop, mobile, and tablet and has received a 9.5 rating from students who have taken the course. In-site customer service is available, too.

2. HunterEdCourse.com

This course may be taken for the low cost of $19.95 and provides animations, closed captioning, narration, photos, and a free eBook. The material is written at a 6th grade reading and comprehension level. If you don’t pass the course, you don’t have to pay.

3. BeASafeHunter.org

Recently refreshed with a contemporary look, students of this course will learn how to be safe, responsible hunters. This course is available for a $28.50 fee that is paid after you pass the test. Each page of the material is narrated and teaches hunters how to be safe and responsible. Technical support is available toll free, 24/7.

4. HUNTERCourse.com

This course requires a one-time fee of $29 and provides full narration and illustration, as well as animation and videos. There are also visual quiz questions and a Virtual Field Day that helps to prepare hunters for the field.

5. HUNTINGsmart!

Made for hunters, by hunters, HUNTINGsmart! is designed for hunters aged 9 and up, across all skill levels. Whether it’s green hunters looking to put orange on for the first time, or seasoned hunters looking to enhance their skills, this course is for you. The course & certification is free for youth hunters under the age of 16 and has a one-time fee of $28.95 for hunters aged 16+.


For more information on hunter education in Georgia, please visit: https://georgiawildlife.com/hunting/huntereducation