This buck was harvested on an Ocmulgee WMA hunt over Thanksgiving.

With waterfowl season opening Nov. 19, hunting in Georgia is in full swing.  The first Butler Island quota hunt this season set a new record for quota hunts on the island!  414 ducks were taken by 84 hunters, meaning each hunter harvested an average of 4.9 ducks!  A total of 16 species of ducks were recorded with the top three species being Green-winged Teal, Blue-winged Teal, and Gadwalls.  While records are not kept on Champney and Rhetts Islands, these impoundments saw similar success.

The second quota hunt held on Butler Island was Nov. 26. Although it did not meet the record of the first hunt,  216 ducks were still harvested.  The top three species were Greenwing teal, Bluewing Teal and Shoveler.  Again, similar success was had on Champney and Rhetts Island.

Deer season also continues across the state.  The Adult/Child deer quota hunt on Ossabaw Island on Nov. 24-26 saw 32 deer and 17 hogs harvested by 48 participants.

Thanksgiving week hunts at Ocmulgee, Lake Russell and Blue Ridge were also a success for deer hunters.  Ocmulgee WMA had 126 deer (92 bucks, 34 does) and 9 hogs harvested by 568 hunters.  At Lake Russell WMA, 687 hunters harvested 75 bucks and 3 hogs.  16 deer (5 does and 11 bucks) were taken by 326 hunters at Blue Ridge.

Numbers from other hunts included:

  • Oconee WMA Dan Denton Waterfowl Area Federal Youth Waterfowl Saturday: 11 youth hunters harvested 12 ducks and 1 goose
  • Di-Lane Quota Hunt Oct. 26-29: 149 hunters harvested 29 deer
  • Tuckahoe Check-in Hunt Nov. 3-6: 324 hunters harvested 100 deer
  • Di-Lane Check-in Hunt Nov. 10-12: 130 hunters harvested 25 deer
  • Oconee Sign-in Hunt Oct. 22 – Nov. 13: 345 hunters harvested 78 deer
  • Townsend WMA, Nov. 30-Dec. 1 Dog Deer Hunt: 34 hunters participated and harvested 7 deer
  • Sapelo Island Dec.1-3 Archery Deer Hunt: 44 hunters participated and 8 deer, 3 hogs were harvested.
  • B. F. Grant (Antler Restriction Area), Dec. 1-3 quota (400): 169 hunters harvested 30 deer (8 bucks, 22 antlerless)
  • Big Lazer WMA (Antler Restriction Area), Dec 1-3 sign-in hunt:  143 hunters harvested 18 deer (4 antlered & 14 antlerless)
  • Oaky Woods, Dec. 1-3 check-in hunt: 438 hunters harvested 88 deer (62 bucks, 26 antlerless, 9 hogs)
  • West Point (Antler Restriction Area), Dec. 1-3 sign-in hunt: 214 hunters harvested 38 deer (10 bucks, 28 antlerless)

Click HERE or photos from the 2011-2012 deer season, and visit our Facebook page for photos of deer from WMA hunts over the years!