Though we didn’t flock to the Youth Birding Competition this year due to the pandemic, hopefully this virtual tour of birds from the competition’s T-shirt Art Contest will help brighten your day!

In a world without social distancing, the Youth Birding Competition is a 24-hour birding event during the peak of spring migration. Youth teams compete against others their own age as they travel as near or as far as they would like to spot as many bird species as they can, all before racing back to the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. Back at Charlie Elliott, birders are treated to a live animal show followed by an awards banquet packed with prizes! This event is for birders of every skill level, and mentors are available for teams of fledgling birders.

An annual art contest determines each year’s T-shirt design. Although 2020 T-shirts weren’t produced, one winner in each age division was chosen to receive an Amazon gift card. Middle schooler Alston Li’s amazing peregrine falcon drawing took Grand Prize honors.

Primary School Division

Elementary School Division

Middle School Division

High School Division