August is National Shooting Sports Month and a great time to get out to one of Georgia DNR’s shooting ranges to practice proper firearm safety. Your license dollars helped fund recent shooting range renovations on Wilson Shoals, West Point and Richmond Hill WMAs. We’re very excited about the improvements and encourage you to experience them for yourself!

All you need to legally access any WRD shooting range is a valid hunting or fishing license, or a Georgia Lands Pass. Get yours today! 

Wilson Shoals Shooting Range:

The Wilson Shoals WMA Shooting Range underwent a nearly year-long renovation, reopening in May of this year.

Firing line cover with sidewalk, fence and grass.

  • The existing range was extended to 100 yards, and we added a 25-yard pistol range.
  • Both firing line covers are new, with better sound-reduction materials and a larger area behind the shooting line.
  • We added a classroom to host hunter development programs.
  • We expanded the parking lot.
  • The parking lot, shooting benches and bathrooms are all ADA accessible.


West Point Shooting Range:

In partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the West Point Shooting Range is new and improved! This renovation took eight months, and the range re-opened in late April.

Firing cover with roof, open sides. Grass. Sidewalk. Tree.

  • We increased the rifle range to 150 yards and built 8-foot berms on either side. A backstop was added at 25 yards for pistol shooters.
  • We added more shooting benches (including two ADA-accessible benches), ceiling fans, a PA system, and a hot/cold alert system. We updated the sound-reduction materials, expanded the space behind the shooting line, and outfitted each shooting station with electrical outlets and a gun rack.
  • We improved the landscaping, expanded the parking lot and renovated the public restrooms. The restrooms and parking lot are ADA accessible.


Richmond Hill Shooting Range:

The Richmond Hill Shooting Range renovation took nine months, and the range re-opened in June.

Firing line cover. Fence. Grass. Hill.

  • The 100-yard rifle range firing line has a new cover and more shooting stations. A 50-yard pistol range was added.
  • Both range firing line covers have ceiling fans, hot/cold range lights and a PA system.
  • We built an indoor classroom and an outdoor classroom, and ADA accessibility was increased throughout the range.
  • The archery range has four static archery range target stations, an archery tower with six 3D targets, and a new a 3D archery trail with 15 targets.


Upcoming Range Projects 

Mike Commander (on Chickasawhatchee WMA), Dixon Memorial, Ocmulgee and Yuchi shooting ranges are targets for future renovations. All four ranges will get repaired berms, shooting pavilions, and a classroom facility with restrooms. The Mike Commander range will also get a shotgun range.

Your license dollars are not just a direct source of revenue. They also allow us to qualify for federal funds. The pool of federal money distributed to the states comes from a tax imposed on the manufacturers of hunting and fishing sporting goods. This includes firearms, bows and ammunition. When you use a WRD shooting range, you’re supporting wildlife conservation two ways: with your license purchase and with the purchase of your sporting equipment. We greatly appreciate your continued support! It not only enables renovations like these, but it’s part of a historic cycle of conservation designed to balance our protection and consumption of natural resources so that future generations can enjoy them like we do.