It doesn’t matter what you call them. Kentucky Bass, Alabama Bass, or spots—if you’re looking for a quick check off on your bass slam then the Spotted Bass should be the first on your list. This week we’ll help wrap up your bass slam with help of our current Fisheries Chief Matt Thomas and his predecessor John Biagi.


Spotted Bass Alabama Bass Etowah River 7-30 (2)


How big do they get?

Between 11-25 inches long.


Where you can find them:

Public access points:

Spotted Bass are also well distributed across the state and are found in virtually every major reservoir.  Best lake options include Allatoona, Lanier, Hartwell, Russell, West Point, Juliette, Jackson, Blue Ridge, Nottely and Chatuge.  The smaller reservoirs between Columbus and West Point on the Chattahoochee River don’t disappoint either. If you’re summer fishing on reservoirs head to deep cover brush piles for a good shot at a lunker.

Alabama Bass Etowah River 7-30

River fishing for Spotted Bass is fairly easy and enjoyable in the summer. You can find them just about anywhere in the state except for the lower Atlantic coastal rivers. The Ocmulgee River below Lake Jackson or above West Point are both good options. For access on the upper Ocmulgee, head to the Georgia Power ramp below Lake Jackson or Georgia DNR’s Popper Landing canoe launch. The Chattahoochee River above Lanier is also a great place to fish for spots boating are several access sites on the Chattahoochee above Lanier.

Click here for an interactive map of where to find Spotted Bass and public access points highlighted in this blog.

View an interactive map of where to find Spotted Bass and public access points highlighted in this blog. If you’re looking for other boating and fishing opportunities around the state, check out the new Georgia Outdoors Boating and Fishing app, here.



Lures you should use:

Spots are known for their aggressive attitude and will hit anything that will catch a Largemouth Bass. Try using almost anything in your tackle box. Jerk baits and crank baits can cover a lot of water. Senkos or other soft plastics fished on a shaky head or drop-shot rigs are all proven spot catchers too. Shake up your technique for some fun in the early morning and late afternoon by using top water lures.


Recommendations from John:

“I was fishing Lake Juliette for striped bass many years ago and using a 1 1/4 oz Yozuri Hydro Tiger on a surf rod.  The outfit could fling the bait a mile and the reel would pull the bait so fast that it looked like I was trolling for blue marlin as it blooped near the surface. On one speedy retrieve, I noticed a dark shadow under the bait in the clear water.  I stopped the bait and chugged it twice which triggered the 3 pound spot to strike.  That is one mean fish to try for a lure that big, but spots are notorious for that type of aggressive behavior.”


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