Most people probably have a memory that involves feeding ducks and geese bread at a pond. While you probably thought you were giving the birds a treat, you weren’t actually doing them any favors. Sure, it’s cute. The animals may even seem like they’re enjoying it, but please don’t do it.



  1. People food is not “a treat”.

Most human foods do not have nutritional value for wildlife and can have devastating consequences. Animals that are constantly fed an unnatural diet can develop nutritional deficiencies and become malnourished.


  1. Drawing wildlife to roadways isn’t a good thing.

Animals that are fed from roadways are likely to stay near the road where they’re more likely to be hit by a vehicle or cause accidents.

Andrews Cove bear on road 7 May 152007.jpg


  1. You’re causing wildlife to lose their fear of people.

This is dangerous for many reasons. Wildlife that are used to being fed are more likely to approach humans and can become a nuisance or aggressive. You’re also reducing their natural instinct to forage for food on their own.

Bear Trash can.jpg


  1. It can be a safety issue.

Drawing a group of animals to one location increases the chance for disease to spread. It also increases the chances of wildlife squabbling and causing injury to each other.