At the most basic level, hunting takes place on either private land or public land.

Private Land

Resident hunting licenses are required for all resident hunters 16 years old or older, except when hunting on land owned by them or their immediate family (blood or dependent relationship) residing in the same household.
Many areas have municipal ordinances against discharging a firearm within city limits. Be sure to follow these ordinances.

Do not trespass. If you want to hunt on land that does not belong to you or immediate family (as defined above), you will need written permission from the landowner.

If you do not own land usable for hunting, someone you know might. You can find many great opportunities by reaching out to people you know.

Public Land

Georgia has nearly 100 WMAs with approximately 1 million acres of public hunting lands. Every Georgia resident has at least one WMA within one hour of home.

Federal lands and some state parks offer hunting opportunities as well.

How to Find WMAs Near You

Online, you can use the Georgia Outdoor Map to find hunting opportunities on public lands. Drop down the Hunting menu, then check the box beside Wildlife Mgmt Areas, and the map will show the WMAs in the state of Georgia. Clicking on the green “i” circles will bring up a popup with the WMA’s name and other information.

We also offer maps of each WMA, found at You’ll notice that, in order to get to the WMA map, you need to know the region number first.

A quick solution is to match the phone number. When you use the Georgia Outdoor Map and bring up a popup, underneath the WMA’s name is a phone number that corresponds to the Game Management Regional Office associated with that property. Match the number to the Game Management Office numbers in this PDF to get the region for the WMA.

Make sure you check the regulations for the WMAs you are considering. Some WMAs have specific rules governing the property. The specific property’s season dates may be more restrictive than the state season, or they may have certain required procedures—for example, a WMA might require hunters to sign in to hunt and then sign out their harvest.

Final Notes

No matter what type of land you hunt on, the statewide season and limits for small game apply, unless stricter WMA regulations apply.

In order to hunt on a WMA, you will need a WMA license.

Whether you choose to hunt on private land or public land, there are plenty of great hunting opportunities all over the state!

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