By: Anthony Rabern, GA DNR Fisheries Biologist

Fisheries biologist Anthony Rabern.

Fisheries biologist Anthony Rabern.

Even though late-summer water quality in Lake Hartwell threatened the survival of hybrid and striped bass, recent sampling and fishing tournament results suggest that the populations fared well through the challenge.

In November’s sampling, fisheries staff collected hybrid bass up to 8 pounds and stripers up to 4 pounds. A number of fish were also collected from this year’s stocking, which was good to see.

Saturday’s Appalachian Striper Club tournament on Hartwell also had good results.  Tournament anglers caught a couple of stripers in the 20-poundrange and several stripers in the 8 to 10-pound range were boated.  All fish looked to be in good condition.

During last week’s sampling, there were a lot of big hybrids feeding at the surface about an hour before sunset along the Tugaloo River from Reed Creek to Payne Creek.  Striper and hybrid bass fishing should continue to improve on Lake Hartwell through November and into December.  Check out the Appalachian Striper Club’s striperboard for current fishing reports (