This photo from last year's alligator season was entered into our 2012 Facebook Photo Contest.

This photo from last year’s alligator season was entered into our 2012 Facebook Photo Contest.

Don’t wait! Start planning for the 2013-2014 hunting seasons today:  The quota hunt application period is open!

The deadline to get your alligator applications in is July 31. We received some great alligator photos from 2012 hunts in the Facebook Photo Contest and we hope to more in 2013.

It looks like this year’s season is shaping up similar to 2012. The estimated alligator population for Georgia is still about 200,000 and they are typically found south of the fall line, which roughly connects the cities of Columbus, Macon and Augusta (there is no evidence that alligator populations reproduce north of the fall line and any found in these areas have probably been relocated there by humans). Last year, 850 hunters harvested 247 alligators, a 29 percent success rate. The average length was 99 inches – or 8 feet, 3 inches – and the longest gator measured more than 13 feet (161 inches)!

Recent harvests:

2012: 247 alligators

2011: 219 alligators

2010: 306 alligators

2009: 193 alligators

Fill out your alligator quota hunt application today, and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky 850 selected to hunt gators this season.

Other quota hunt application deadlines are Aug. 15 for dove and Sept. 1 for deer.